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Why our Makeup for men, Organic Skincare, and Oil Fragrance is awesome



Man Up's Male Cosmetics are:

We made a list of known allergens and worked to remove them from our formulations. If you do have a known sensitivity consult a physician with our ingredients stack.

Our makeup for men do not contain parabens.

Parabens are found in many high end cosmetics but studies have suggested that these chemicals can be linked with cancer and cause other negative health issues.

A rather fun word to pronounce, non-comedogenic means is that Man Up will not clog or block pores.

HD compatible so you can look like a star on the big screen.


Man up's skincare line

Engineered for you, sourced from Mother Nature. Man Up’s skincare is made with natural and organic ingredients.

Formulated for use on any skin from oily to dry, we got you covered.

Paraben free.
Fragranced with natural essential oils that benefit the skin.

Men’s skin is different; we made Man Up to get even the dirtiest man clean.

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Man up's fragrances

We don’t know how else to tell you. They evolve as you wear them and depending on your skins chemistry different notes react with your body, causing true top, middle, and base notes.

0% water, 0% alcohol, 100% unlike anything you’ve seen.

Applied with a steel ball roll on Man Up’s fragrances are the purest forms of fragrance available for purchase.

Exclusively produced in small batch quantities by an individual perfumer.

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